Scally (pronounced /'skali /)

Almost certainly originated in the Irish language. It is a common family surname, with some believing it could have derived from a tough Irish-Liverpool family known for their behavior. Some say it's a derogatory term, as in scallywag. We say it's not and tend to think of a scrappy person with a sense of humor who also tends to look great in a Scally cap while drinking The Perfect Pint.


What does that mean?

It means we feature dozens of international and local beers. It means that while we are a sought after outlet for televised sports, mostly our local teams, you are just as likely to see delicious craft cocktails on the bar as pints of Guinness. And whiskey? Yeah, there is a lot of great Irish whiskey.
It also means that we employ a very proud group of lads & lasses that run a scratch kitchen, providing diners with fantastic plates. Gone are the days of basic pub food. Instead, you'll get your American-Irish standards coupled with a few dishes that are sure to surprise and delight, blending passion, quality, and originality in one menu.

Quality or nothing.

An Irish Ale House doesn't maintain a high standard without relentless attention to detail. Our cod, used in our famous fish and chips, is sustainably caught in the deep, icy waters of the North Atlantic near Iceland. Our meats are top quality Angus. Pull up a seat and see (and taste) first-hand what 21st Century Irish quality is.

Unmatched hospitality.

The most important part of Scally's Irish Ale House along with sister restaurants-The Yarmouth House, DiParma Italian Table & Tap City Grille - is the hospitality. Owners Chris, his sister Angie and partner Ben, strive to make sure you have a great time here and that you return with more stories to tell. Regular customers and Tourists are the lifeblood of our business and we're lucky to have many. Our crew makes sure they're well looked after and they'll do the same for you.
We talk about baking a lot of care, curiosity, and craic into each lunch and dinner. We hope you feel that when you're in our pub.

Welcome to Scally's Irish Ale House